In partnership with Handmaker Meals on Wheels, this program offers fresh Kosher meals delivered to your residence.

Benefits of this program

  • Kosher prepared meals directly from Handmaker Jewish Services for the Aging.
  • Priced at $5 per meal.
  • Two meals delivered Monday thru Friday. A lunch and a dinner.
  • Order extra for over the weekend.
  • Limited Contact Delivery.

Things you should know

  • Menus are created by Handmaker. No substitutions or menu choice.
  • Meals can be tailored to texture requirements.
  • Quality of the Kosher meals is very high.

More about this option

  • Our special intake team works with you to place your orders.
  • Pay in advance monthly using your credit card, which is kept on file for future orders.
  • This service accommodates your weekday and weekend needs.
  • Meals can be frozen for later use.

or call 520.622.1600 and
let our team take care of you.


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